Does Your Business Need A Good NAP?

Business NAP For SEO

Well, in a word: Yes! If you want your Website to be found in Google Search Results, that is.

Here’s how it works: Your business’s NAP – name, address and phone number – is basically your online signature and should be unique to your business and listed in a consistent fashion everywhere it’s found across the internet. If it’s inconsistent or there are incorrect listings, Google sees the information as confusing and unreliable. Since Google’s ultimate goal is supposed to be to provide a great user experience, consistent and well documented sources of information will generally help your website rank better in search results. The proper use of valid Schema Mark-up for that info is also important so the search engines know exactly what represents your NAP.

So, basically, the more instances where your NAP is found out on the web to be EXACTLY the same as it appears on your website, the better. The same principle does NOT generally apply to other content about your business on your website or all of these various web locations as that can create a duplicate content issue, but that’s for another article, so stay tuned:)

Simple, right? Make sure your NAP is consistent and it will absolutely boost your SEO efforts across the board. I hope this article helps shed some light on what is one of the most basic and probably the single most important step in having a profitable online presence for your business. So give your business a great NAP! And if you need help, I hope you’ll consider Please share if you can – Thanks!

John Goldshot