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How does search Work? | Websites That Work!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How Does Search Work? Question #1: how many passwords do you have? That probably depends at least partially on what you do for a living. I build, optimize and maintain websites and the online/social presence for my own business’s as well as my customer’s so I have about a million…

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Does My Website Need Schema Markup? | Websites That Work, LLC

Does My Website Need Schema Markup?

Does my website need Schema markup? Well, YES – if you want to be relevant in search results, that is. Here’s how it works: Schema is a sort of language or code that was developed by a team of geeks assembled by Google, Bing and Yahoo. The purpose of this code is to give website…

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What is a CDN and does my website need it? | Websites That Work, LLC

CDN Eagar Arizona

What Is A CDN? A network of servers that are distributed in various locations across the globe, along with their associated data centers, make up a CDN, or Content Delivery Network. CDN’s exist to help speed up the internet in general and the websites that are cached on them more specifically. They have become a…

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