Does My Website Need
Schema Markup?

Does My Website Need Schema Markup?

Well, YES – if you want to be relevant in search results, that is. Here’s how it works: Schema is a sort of language or code that was developed by a team of geeks assembled by Google, Bing and Yahoo. The purpose of this code is to give website developers a tool to help search engines better understand the content on the sites they build. If search engines have a better understanding of what individual websites are about then they can return more relevant search results.

Let’s say we are dealing with a pest control company – Goldshot Exterminating in Surprise, Arizona. There is a Schema markup code that we can use to let search engines know that Goldshot is a local business located in Surprise. We can also use the proper Schema for their address and phone number. The business name, address and phone number are critical and if you’ve read my article on business NAP for SEO you’ll understand. If not – check it out! This info will help Goldshot rank better in local search results, which is critical to a small business.

We could expand on the Schema markup for their offerings by highlighting services that they sell. Since they offer pigeon control services, we would use the service Schema to let the search engines know that they offer that service. If Goldshot sold actual pest control products, there’s a Schema to tell the search engines that, as well. It would highlight a brief description of those products to help their website be found when folks search for pest control products as opposed to pest control services.

There are a host of other Schemas available including markup that identifies creative works such as an article, book or movie. There’s markup to identify an author, hours of operation, customer reviews, events, recipes, etc. The list is quite extensive so there’s proper Schema markup that can help just about website be more relevant in search results. This markup, combined with the use of appropriate keywords, will help drive search rankings, clicks and – most importantly – customer conversions.

I hope this article helps explain why it’s so important that your website is enhanced with Schema markup. If you have questions or need help with Schema or anything else web related I hope you’ll consider as your online solution.

John H Goldshot