10 Things You Can Do Today To Protect Your Website | Websites That Work!

10 Things You Can Do TODAY To Protect Your Website Did you know it's estimated that 60% of small business's whose website is hacked do not survive the experience? It makes sense, really. If your customer's sensitive information is compromised on your website you've probably lost their trust permanently. Then there's the [...]

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Stronger Passwords: Is Your Online Identity Safe? | Websites That Work!

15 Tips To Create Stronger Passwords Question #1: how many passwords do you have? That probably depends at least partially on what you do for a living. I build, optimize and maintain websites and the online/social presence for my own business's as well as my customer's so I have about a million [...]

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Why does my WordPress website need ongoing maintenance? | Websites That Work!

Why does my website need ongoing maintenance? A website is made up of a rather large collection of things that ultimately must work together for a good end result. When I say a large collection, I mean there's a lot of stuff in that proverbial bag. And as technology grows and advances, the bag [...]

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