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I have been using Google G Suite for my email, drive, calendar, search and much more for years. It's simply a great solution for so many issues that small business's face each day. It's super easy to set up and to use, extremely flexible, and completely scale-able. And at only $5/month per user it's dirt cheap, too. Using the myriad of available apps is as easy as enabling the ones you want in your admin panel and signing into your Google account. It's that simple.

Q: Do you have a business email address with your own domain? It looks so much more professional and is much easier for folks to remember. And it probably helps a little with your company's NAP.

Q: Does your company have a cloud storage solution? In today's world you need one and the G Suite cloud storage is the best and easiest to use.

Q: Do you use an online calendar to help stay on track in both your business and in your private life? We use Google's calendar as it's the easiest and most widely recognized.

Large companies have different needs - and a different budget - than most small companies. They have the resources in most cases to have systems that are custom built for their needs. But for us little people out there, it does't work that way. Google G Suite give us the power that today's technology offers and makes it much easier for a small business to compete in today's business climate. I do offer set up for my customers for $100 so if you need help reach out.

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